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New From Your Garden

Worried about what is in your food?

Read the labels and see all the components that are in only a can of peaches, green beans, and even something as basic as spinach. A whole lot worse are the additives they do not let you know about…pesticides, growth hormones, possibly insect resistant hormones. But there’s another problem recently being discussed; that is nutrient depletion.

Plants grown in exactly the same area repeatedly begin to deplete the location of important nutrients, not simply for the plant however for the consumer too. What is the means to fix the issue? Home gardening.
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Korean Ginseng

korean ginseng

Korean ginseng, sometimes known as Asiatic ginger or Shen Tsao, is a herb that grows natively in the mountains of Korea, China and parts of Russia.

If eaten raw, Korean ginseng tastes sweet, but leaves a bitter taste afterwards.

Ginseng roots are beautiful, shapely creations that almost resemble the human form, which is perhaps what led the Chinese to refer to ginseng root as ‘Jin-chen’, which means, ‘as a man’, and also led ancient Chinese herbalists to employ ginseng in a variety of medicines and tinctures with a broad range of reputed health benefits.

It was particularly known to be a stimulant, and a remedy for tiredness and depression.

Korean ginseng was also thought to bring people long life, perhaps due to the fact that the ginseng shrub itself can live for over a hundred years. In fact, ginseng has been the most popular herbal remedy in china for many thousands of years.

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