Feature Clips

My feature writing spans the spectrum from Astronomy and bomb-sniffing robotic lampreys to running and kayaking. I like writing features, and I particularly like off-beat features that leave room for some fun. I have included links to PDF files when they are available. I can also fax articles on request. You can see additional feature clips written for Stanford Medicine Magazine on the University Relations page.


The Scientist

RNAi Inches Toward the Clinic March 2004

Science Under Glass: Inside a Biosafety Level 4 Lab February 2004

Coupling In Vitro Melatonin Håndkøb Transcription and Translation October 2003

Metabolomics: Small Molecule ‘Omics April 2003

Supercomputing in the Life Sciences September 2002

Mitochondria: Cellular Energy Co. June 2002

Prospecting for Gold in Genome Gulch April 2002

Untangling Neuronal Calcium Signaling January 2002


The triumph of Hipparcos December 1997

New Scientist

Hot Rocks (PDF) February 1998

Wiggling through the waves (PDF) October 1998

The big yawn (PDF) December 1998

Let a thousand flowers bloom (PDF) December 1997

Santa Cruz Metro

My cup runneth over—The whole beer-soaked truth about life in the hash lane. June 1996

A wild ride at Elkhorn Slough January 1997

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