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Korean Ginseng

korean ginseng

Korean ginseng, sometimes known as Asiatic ginger or Shen Tsao, is a herb that grows natively in the mountains of Korea, China and parts of Russia.

If eaten raw, Korean ginseng tastes sweet, but leaves a bitter taste afterwards.

Ginseng roots are beautiful, shapely creations that almost resemble the human form, which is perhaps what led the Chinese to refer to ginseng root as ‘Jin-chen’, which means, ‘as a man’, and also led ancient Chinese herbalists to employ ginseng in a variety of medicines and tinctures with a broad range of reputed health benefits.

It was particularly known to be a stimulant, and a remedy for tiredness and depression.

Korean ginseng was also thought to bring people long life, perhaps due to the fact that the ginseng shrub itself can live for over a hundred years. In fact, ginseng has been the most popular herbal remedy in china for many thousands of years.

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