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Stanford University Medical Center Report

Here is a partial list of stories that I’ve written for the University’s weekly paper, Stanford Report.

Stanford Medicine
(Quarterly magazine for medical school alumni)

Pink Think: The hitch with the breast cancer marketing pitch Summer 2007

Stem Cell Cures?: The long and winding road Spring 2007

Professor Gadget: What’s an inventor like Yock doing in a place like this? Fall 2006

Pick a Bone, Any Bone: Evolution works it’s magic Summer 2006

Stanford University Medical Center

Something Fishy is Going On: Research on Sticklebacks throws anti-evolution arguments out of the water Summer 2006

Brain Waves: The Science and Ethics of Exploring the Mind Fall 2005

Building a Better Brain: It’s never too late for a renovation Fall 2005

Secret Life of RNA: DNA’s helper is a power broker in it’s own right. Who knew? Winter 2005

Teaching Old Cells New Tricks: Just what can adult stem cells do? Fall 2004

The True Seeds of Cancer: Are treatments targeting the wrong cell? Fall 2004

Brain Teaser: How can cancer patients protect their brains from radiation treatment’s harmful effects? The answer might be in your medicine cabinet Spring 2004

X Marks the Spot: Michele Calos has developed a technique that guides therapeutic genes to safe places on the chromosome Summer 2003

Dr. Clean Genes: Sorting out the genome exposes vital DNA sequences Winter 2003

Immune Traffic Controller Winter 2003

On the Map: A Stanford surgeon advocates a strategy for early detection of anal cancer Fall 2002

Making an Immune System Hybrid Fall 2002

Populist Science: PhD alum Joe DeRisi brings innovation to the masses Summer 2002

Immune to Cancer Winter 2002

University of California, Santa Cruz (internship)

(These files are only available in hard copy)

Sloan Foundation fellowship goes to UCSC mathematician April 1996

UCSC Arboretum to hold annual spring plant sale April 1996

UC Santa Cruz researchers study protein clumps that may cause “mad cow” and related diseases May 1996Long Marine Laboratory offers “ocean explorers” summer program May 1996

UCSC to compete in pew scholars program May 1996

Biochemists study protein clumps related to neurological disorders

May 1996

UC Santa Cruz toxicologist helps reduce the deadly effects of oil spills on underwater life May 1996

UC Santa Cruz graduate student studies a novel way for Monterrey bay to regulate rock-fish fisheries May 1996

UC Santa Cruz scientists reach high school students and the public via the internet June 1996

UC Santa Cruz reachers develop artificial urchin food June 1996

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