Web Development

Where did I learn to produce this spiffy site? Glad you asked.I was department editor at Genetic Health—a company that provided online information about the genetics of common diseases. The company is gone, but the web site still exists at www.genetichealth.com. Genetic Health was a small company, and as such the editors could be found producing HTML, learning JavaScript, and helping with design issues in addition to our usual word-smithing tasks. That was a fun job.

Web Development

Genetic Health had news and features Amazon SEO services but the bulk of the site consisted of detailed reference articles about genetics and common diseases. I wrote many of these, and edited many others. You can see clips from my work at Genetic Health on my resume.

Go to the Genetic Health section of my resume.

I also picked up some handy skills at Genetic Health. These include:

  • Knowledge of HTML design
  • Understanding of navigation and usability issues
  • Proficiency with Adobe GoLive HTML editor (used to produce this site)
  • Basic CSS and JavaScript skills

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